Pittsburgh Drug and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Begin to Take Back Your Control, Now!


The Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh and Monaca are outpatient clinics, which use a combined treatment of medication, basic and extensive counseling, as well as referrals to help you in the success of your recovery. Our experienced team understands the devastating process of addiction, which is why we are devoted to providing confidential treatment within a calm, compassionate and healing environment. At ACCP, we are here to promote your wellness and help you achieve your ultimate level of health.

Proper Substance Abuse Treatment Now, Means Full Recovery Later

Our staff fully welcomes you, and is committed to assisting your addiction in every aspect of your treatment. After your drug misuse evaluation, our primary goal is simply your recovery.  We are dedicated to helping you get your life back, through medication treatments, regular follow-up appointments and counseling resources. At ACCP, we will help you learn how to control your addictive behavior, break free of addiction and substance abuse, sot that you can improve the quality of your life.

  • Medication Assisted Treatments    
  • Follow-Up Support
  • Counseling Resources and Encouragement (group and one-on-one sessions)  

 2 Convenient Drug and Alchohol Abuse Treatment Centers to Visit

For the utmost of convenience, we provide two clinic locations to visit us at, and get better in. Our Pittsburgh clinic is located right on Campbells Run Road, while our Monaca location rests at Brodhead Road. Whether you are situated closer to our Pittsburgh location, or nearest to the Monaca area, you will receive the best of care and encouragement!

 Choose a Healthy Course of Life

At the Addiction Control Center of Pittsburgh, our understanding, compassionate team of professionals is here to help you fully get your wellness back. We are able to help you gain control of your own life, and take it back from substance abuse addiction. You will leave neither the program nor the clinic as a recovering addict; you will depart our safe-haven as a person of great strength and full wellness, ready to embark on a new and healthy course of life.