Chemical Dependency Treatment with the ACC of Pittsburgh

Our prescription opiate treatment program at the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh is a counter conditioning based program. It is intended for those addicted to smoking, swallowing, or inhaling prescription opioids. Overcoming chemical dependency is a challenging goal to strive for, but is completely achievable with the help of ACC of Pittsburgh.

Choose to Overcome & Conquer Your Addiction, No Matter Your Poor Choice of Opiate!

-OxyContin Addiction

-Percocet Addiction

-Vicodin Addiction

-Addiction to Other Prescription Pain Killers and Opiates

The ACC of Pittsburgh’s Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

Our program for opiate addiction treatment is based on our treatment of alcohol addiction, which is the most successful rehabilitation program in the nation. Counter conditioning, in example, is an incredibly powerful tool that succeeds where counseling and traditional recovery methods may fail. For particularly addictive drugs like opioids, counter conditioning can produce excellence results.

  • Behavior Modification Techniques may include chemical counter conditioning (emetic, or nausea based) or electrical (faradic) counter conditioning.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques are applied to assist in the development of an aversion and to correct self-defeating thoughts and feelings. Through years of developing treatment methods, research has demonstrated that counter conditioning combined with standard treatment procedures creates effective results.
  • Counter Conditioning (Aversion Therapy) retrains the memory to regard the drug with displeasure or apathy. By alleviating or even eliminating cravings for alcohol, our patients can more effectively begin recovery. Counter conditioning significantly reduces the craving for drugs or alcohol in just 10 days of treatment.

Why You Are Addicted

The smoking and snorting of powdered prescription opiates is an increasing source of opioid dependency, since smoked and snorted prescription opioids rapidly produce intense euphoria. The nearly immediate delivery of a large dose of an opioid, such as OxyContin, to the brain creates powerful reinforcement for continued use of the drug. OxyContin and prescription opioid dependency have been proven to be highly resistant in treatment through conventional therapies. That is why our professionals at the ACC of Pittsburgh are offering our powerful, effective treatment program for those with prescription opiate addictions.

Take Control of Addiction Now, for a Healthier and Happier You Later

At the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh, we address both the physiological and psychological components of addiction. Our goal is to help patients re-build a life where they feel neither the need nor craving for alcohol or any other chemical substances. Call us today at (724) 728-7881 for more information on our successful addiction treatment programs and counseling, or to schedule a consultation. You can also send an email to our understanding professionals, at, or visit on of our two convenient locations near the city. Don’t let a healthier you wait any longer; contact the ACC of Pittsburgh now!