Suboxone Treatment for Heroin and Other Opiate Addictions

Taking control of life, and getting better after addiction are difficult challenges, but theses feats are not at all impossible. At the Addiction Control Center of Pittsburgh, we work with you and your opiate addiction, and provide a wellness program that enables you to get back to your true, healthy self. Our combined counseling and medication rendering treatment is designed for you to gain back your full health wellness, and (most importantly) maintain it.

Full Wellness with the Program that Works!

The Suboxone Treatment System
Alongside personal counseling, Suboxone medication will be used to treat substance abuse. As the addictive substance, whether heroin or some other opiates drug, is resisted and no longer used, provided Suboxone medications help to prevent relapse during this time. Our accompanied counselors, throughout the entire program, encourage you to be the person you are trying to become. You will not leave our program as a recovering addict; you will depart as a person of great strength and full wellness, ready to embark on a new, healthy course of life.

  • Trigger Identifying
  • Medication Assist
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Understanding Support
  • Compassionate Counseling & Staff

The Truth in Overcoming Addiction
At the Addiction Control Center of Pittsburgh, our understanding team is here to help you fully get your wellness back. You are able to take control of your life, at any moment, and take it back from addiction. Begin the steps to conquering your addiction for good, and call us at (724) 728-7880 or send an email to A better, addiction free you can start today. Don’t wait, call now!

You can also stop into visit one of our two convenient locations for more information and appointment scheduling: at either 5168 Campbells Run Road, Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, or at 3627 Brodhead Road, Suite 100, Monaca, PA 15061. No matter how you choose to contact us, we will welcomingly help you identify and overcome opiate addiction triggers and struggles so that you can get back to being a healthy you.