Cocaine Addiction Treatment with the ACC of Pittsburgh

The cocaine treatment program instilled at the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh is a highly effective program for cocaine addiction. Using counter conditioning and other productive elements, our cocaine treatment program eliminates, neutralizes, or extinguishes cue-induced cocaine cravings. We believe that once patients can banish cravings and develop a displeasure for the drug, abstinence is possible!

Medical Treatment to Stop Cravings & Addiction

Unlike other addiction treatment programs, we recognize that cocaine addiction is actually a physical need for the drug itself, so it is an illness which requires medical treatment. The cocaine treatment program we’ve created helps addicts lose the craving for cocaine by addressing the root medical causes of the cocaine addiction.

  • 10-day In-Patient Program
  • Identification and Elimination of Contributing Factors
  • Medical Detoxification Treatment
  • (prior to drug addiction treatment)
  •  Individual and Group Counseling
  • Two 48-hour, In-Patient
  • Follow-Ups (overnight stay included; at 1st & 3rd month post-discharge) 

Effective Rehabilitation for Conquering Cocaine Addiction

At the ACC of Pittsburgh, we are committed to treating each of our patients with the dignity that is needed and deserved. Our counter conditional treatment for cocaine addiction is designed to also restore our patients to a clear and free mind, ready for earnest recovery.

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At the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh, we address both the physiological and psychological components of addiction. Our goal is to help patients re-build a life where they feel neither the need nor craving for alcohol or any other chemical substances. Call us today at (724) 728-7881 for more information on our successful addiction treatment programs and counseling, or to schedule a consultation. You can also send an email to our understanding professionals, at, or visit on of our two convenient locations near the city. Don’t let a healthier you wait any longer; contact the ACC of Pittsburgh now!