Need to Break Free from Drug Addiction? Let the ACC of Pittsburgh Help!

The drug addiction treatment programs instilled at the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh offer medical and rehabilitation care in an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. We know that drug addiction is a neurological disease, not necessarily a failure of willpower as it is so often miss-titled. Our drug addiction treatment is a 10-day program that addresses the medical causes of drug addiction, resulting in the elimination or mitigation of drug hunger itself.

Effective Drug Addiction Treatment for Patients Near the Pittsburgh Area

At the ACC of Pittsburgh, we offer a full range of treatment built around the principle of counter conditioning. This means we treat the addiction where it lives: in the responses of your body and brain. Our devoted team can alleviate and eliminate your body’s craving for addictive drugs through our proven programs.

  • 10-day In-Patient Program
  • Identification and Elimination of Contributing Factors
  • Medical Detoxification Treatment (prior to drug addiction treatment)
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Two 48-hour, In-Patient
  • Follow-Ups (overnight stay included; at 1st & 3rd month post-discharge)

The physicians we have on hand at the ACC of Pittsburgh are specialists in addiction medicine, and are each certified by either the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) or the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Both of our locations also have caring nurses and nationally certified addiction therapists on staff. Our drug addiction treatment program recognize that addiction is an illness, requiring and benefiting from both medical and other modalities of treatment.

Contact the ACC of Pittsburgh Today, to Become a Healthier You Tomorrow!

At the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh, we address both the physiological and psychological components of addiction. Our goal is to help patients re-build a life where they feel neither the need nor craving for alcohol or any other chemical substances. Call us today at (724) 728-7881 for more information on our successful addiction treatment programs and counseling, or to schedule a consultation. You can also send an email to our understanding professionals, at, or visit on of our two convenient locations near the city. Don’t let a healthier you wait any longer; contact the ACC of Pittsburgh now!