Alcohol Addiction Treatment with the ACC of Pittsburgh

In order to appropriately and effectively treat alcohol addiction, it must first be understood. At the ACC of Pittsburgh, we not only help you healthily overcome alcohol addiction, we also help you understand the addiction and how to prevent its consumption of you. When necessary, our alcohol detox treatment is instilled before actual addiction treatment. This includes monitoring and administering medicine to those experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Then, our alcohol addiction treatment program is introduced, and includes the use of behavioral modification techniques, individual counseling, education, and relaxation therapies.

The Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plan at ACC of Pittsburgh

  • Detoxification (if necessary)
  • Conditioning Treatment with Medical Supervision
  • 10-Days of Inpatient Medical Treatment (full stay)
  • Sleep Therapy
  • Two 48-hour Reinforcement Visits (both 1 month, and 3 months after completion of initial treatment)
  • Educational Meetings
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Advisement & Encouragement

Understand the Addiction Process, to Know How to Conquer Addiction

Alcohol is a depressant, which means that its consumption sedates the brain. After an extended period of heavy alcohol consumption, the brain begins to adjust to the sedative effect of alcohol by producing larger and larger quantities of norepinephrine, a chemical similar to adrenaline. This accounts for why alcoholics must consume larger amounts of alcohol to experience its effects over time. Yet, when an alcoholic suddenly cuts off the supply of alcohol, the brain continues to produce an abnormal amount of norepinephrine for a few days following. This is what causes withdrawal symptoms, or abstinence syndrome.

Medical Treatment for Alcohol Addiction: A Program that Works  

Almost 20% of addicts struggle with both a physiological addiction and a psychiatric problem, not one or the other. This means that treating addiction should be a comprehensive, two-part process. Most treatment facilities only address the psychiatric factors that lead to addiction, without mitigating the physiological causes. At the ACC of Pittsburgh, we also incorporate counter conditioning to make conquering your addiction fully possible.

  • Behavior Modification Techniques may include chemical counter conditioning (emetic, or nausea based) or electrical (faradic) counter conditioning.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques are applied to assist in the development of an aversion and to correct self-defeating thoughts and feelings. Through years of developing treatment methods, research has demonstrated that counter conditioning combined with standard treatment procedures creates effective results.
  • Counter Conditioning (Aversion Therapy) retrains the memory to regard alcohol with displeasure or apathy. By alleviating or even eliminating cravings for alcohol, our patients can more effectively begin recovery. Counter conditioning significantly reduces the craving for drugs or alcohol in just 10 days of treatment.

If You’re Dependent on Consuming Alcohol, the Alcohol is Actually Consuming You!

At the Addiction Control Centers of Pittsburgh, we address both the physiological and psychological components of addiction. Our goal is to help patients re-build a life where they feel neither the need nor craving for alcohol or any other chemical substances. Call (724) 728-7881 today for more information on our successful addiction treatment programs and counseling, or to schedule a consultation. You can also send an email to our understanding professionals, at, or visit on of our two convenient locations near the city. Don’t let a healthier you wait any longer!